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June Report

We had close associations with the boat from juvenile Minke Whales on many occasions, together with schools of Common Dolphin bow riding the boat. Young Minke Whale show endless curiosity towards Flamer regularly passing close under the boat and spy hopping to watch us watching them. They also showed great interest in our towed inflateable dinghy.

July Report

July proved an excellent month. The weather on our part of the West Coast of Scotland was perfect, with prolonged spells of calm weather - so essential for whale watching

Sightings this month included Orca on the 19 th July at the Cairns of Coll A Sei Whale lunge feeding on the 23rd July at Fascadale and on the 29 th July a Basking Shark breaching 7 times off the island of Coll . The same day we saw a pod of some 9 or 10 Rissos Dolphins some with young really close to the boat.

All days except 2 have produced sightings of Minke Whale lunge feeding and showing interest in the boat.

August Report

Fine settled weather on the west coast of Scotland gave us perfect conditions for our daily Whale watching trips with over a hundred separate recorded sightings of Minke whale. We also saw Orca on 2 occasions including the Alpha Male 'John Coe' and a younger male of incredible size.

We had inumerable sightings of Basking sharks throughout the month and one tropical sun fish

On the 16th August we had the pleasure of meeting the young Minke whale 'Dillon' who visited us for many close associations including his head on the gunwale on one occasion - all close to home in the entrance to the sound of Mull

September Report

September proved to be another fine month for whale and dolphin sightings with much late season feeding.

Seasons totals 2000

166 Minke Whale
2 Sei Whale
8 Orca
166 Porpoise
46 Basking Shark
33 Bottlenose Dolphin
25 Rissos Dolphin
36 Common Dolphin
4 Northern Bottlenose Whale


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