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Minke Whales

Share with us the experience of encountering minke whales, Scotland's most commonly sighted whale. Minke whales belong to the group of baleen whales, which means that they feed using baleen plates instead of teeth. Reaching lengths of 10m, they return each spring from their winter breeding grounds to feed on the abundant fish species that the rich Hebridean waters support. Targeting species such as herring, sprat and sand eel, they consume these by lunging spectacularly through the surface waters trapping shoals at a time. Our knowledge of the feeding area provides us with the opportunity to offer you the experience of viewing this spectacular behaviour. The Minke whale is a naturally inquisitive species, especially the younger animals. They will on occasion approach stationery boats, passing underneath, spy-hopping to have a look at us and rolling upside down flashing their bellies.

Harbour porpoises

The smallest cetacean found in British waters. Observe them foraging or surfing in the waves, or watch the tiny calves that are often seen accompanying their mothers.

© Mike Cave

© Mike Cave

Common and Risso's Dolphins

Curious animals that are particularly playful with boats, riding the bow to give you a close up view of these beautifully streamlined animals.

Killer whales

Majestic predators that pass through our area on occasion and you may be on the lucky trip that encounters them.

Basking Sharks

Huge plankton feeders and the second biggest fish in the world. Watch them feed with their mouths agape in the tidal currents.

© Mike Cave


These include several species such as kittiwakes, herring gulls, gannets, puffins, guillemots, razorbills, Manx shearwaters, arctic and great skuas, amongst others. These birds are often seen interacting with the whales.

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Common and grey seals

Curious creatures that are often sighted foraging out at sea or hauled out on rocks basking in the sunshine! Pups are sighted frequently throughout the summer.

Looking after the wildlife Sea Life Surveys is a member of Wild Scotland, which means we operate under a strict code of conduct when encountering wildlife. This allows you to enjoy your wildlife experience with minimal disturbance to the animals. All our sightings of whale, dolphin, porpoise and environmental data are recorded to support the valuable work of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, a local charity, dedicated to marine conservation.

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